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Situated on the Aigas estate, Naturedays has access to a wide range of unique teaching environments. Our programmes encourage hands on activity as part of an outdoor learning experience and cover a variety of topics. Each programme is adapted to the needs of the group, or we can come up with a new session based on a topic of your choice. Following Curriculum of Excellence guidelines, we create and deliver content designed to complement your work in school as well as offering valuable extra-curricular experiences.

We offer several themed programmes, all of which can be tailored for your requirement or developed from scratch based on a specific topic of your choice:


Aigas loch and the surrounding forests offer us the opportunity to discover more about both freshwater and woodland invertebrates. We can investigate the important roles different organisms play within their ecosystems, and see the bigger picture of how it all fits together. Children can be introduced to the process of scientific enquiry which will match their natural curiosity about the environment.

SOC 1-13b


Join us in exploring the ancient art of bushcraft whilst developing survival skills along the way. Putting ourselves into the mindset of people who lived on the land thousands of years ago, we will discover how to build our own shelters and learn how to create a campfire. We might even put our culinary skills to the test with some nettle tea or traditional bannock bread!

TCH 1-10a/2-10a, TCH 1-10b/2-10b


In this active and engaging programme, students can use Ordnance Survey map symbols to crack a code then climb to our tree-top hide for a bird's eye view of our landscape. Their new map-reading skills are then tested on our private estate with our own purpose-built orienteering course, when they might even learn some new facts about our native wildlife.

SOC 2-14a

A Journey Through History

This is our new programme looking at Scotland through the ages. A circular walk around the estate allows us to travel from the previous ice age, through the arrival of nomadic humans, Bronze Age, Iron Age, development of Highland estates to the present day. We explore the ways in which climate and people have changed and are changing our landscape, allowing students to place themselves and their own actions in context of our local history. 

SOC 1-02a/2-02a, SOC 1-04a/2-04a

Conservation Activity

This programme offers students an active, hands-on opportunity to contribute to the conservation of native species and habitats. The tasks themselves may vary throughout the year, but students could use tools to design and build bird boxes (these can be taken back to school), build paths or create and maintain habitats on the estate. All activities will encourage teamwork, problem solving and effective communication.

TCH 1-12a, TCH 1-13a/2-13a

One or more of the topics listed above, or any new topics suggested could be included to produce an itinerary to suit your requirements. For more information, take a look at an example itinerary and lesson plan. 

Please see our Outreach page for other primary opportunities.

Please contact us for prices, or find our pricing policy here.

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