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Naturedays offers fieldwork and practical opportunities for students in all levels of secondary education. Whether you want to introduce students to fieldwork techniques, collect data or provide inspiration for investigations our experienced team can help. See below for the various opportunities that we offer or visit our Contact and Booking page to get in touch with the education team.

All sessions are tailored to meet Scottish Qualification Authority specifications, but can be adapted to the specifications of other exam boards, such as AQA, OCR, Edexcel and International Baccalaureate.

S1 - S4 Fieldwork
S1 - S4 Fieldwork

With an array of habitats on the Aigas Field Centre estate, students can practice many different fieldwork and investigation techniques required throughout science, including biological identification, recording scientific data and correctly using fieldwork equipment. This experience encourages students to take responsibility of their learning whilst the outdoor learning is beneficial and can encourage enthusiasm for fieldwork. We will type up any data collected or provide you with a full data set for use in the classroom. 

Example Itinerary
Biology Fieldwork
Biology Fieldwork

At Naturedays, we know that fieldwork is an invaluable experience for all biology students. We provide tailored fieldwork opportunities for all levels of secondary school science and biology students, particularly those studying for their National 4, National 5 and Advanced Highers. Our biology fieldwork programmes allow students to construct hypotheses based on their own observations, collect reliable and representative data to test them and to evaluate their methods and results.

Our biology programmes can be delivered on the Aigas estate over a day or as a residential trip, or at a location that suits you. Follow up sessions are available to cover data presentation, statistical analyses and guidelines for writing up biology investigations.

Listed below are a few examples of the topics that we can cover. For more topics or more information about the programmes that we offer, please get in touch by going to our Contact and Booking page for our details.

Sampling Techniques

Investigating Ecosystems

An Introduction To Investigations

Statistics For Biologists

For more information, take a look at some example biology fieldwork options below:

Geography Fieldwork
Geography Fieldwork

Naturedays offers geography fieldwork opportunities for all secondary students, especially National 4 and 5, Higher and Advanced Highers. With river and woodland habitats on site, and nearby towns, villages and coasts, we can deliver a range of physical and human geography studies. Students can put into practise new sampling and data collecting techniques whilst learning how to conduct a study. 

Our geography programmes can be delivered on the Aigas estate over a day or as a residential trip, or at a location that suits you. Follow up sessions are available to cover Geographical Information Systems (GIS), data presentation and statistical analyses.

Physical Geography





Human Geography




For more information, take a look at our example itinerary and lesson plan by clicking on the icons below.

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