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Our nursery programmes offer an exciting opportunity to discover the world of Scottish flora and fauna in a safe environment here on the private estate of Aigas Field Centre. We deliver Curriculum for Excellence through our programmes, encouraging children to observe living things in the environment and explore the outdoors through sensory and experiential learning. 

We offer three programmes of which all can be tailored for your requirement or developed from scratch based on a specific topic of your choice. 

Animals Of Aigas

Join us on a journey through the forest to discover the animals that live with us in Scotland, then turn our gaze to the invertebrate world and see what we can find living on the forest floor.

Discovering Our Senses

Stimulate your senses and experience the natural world through smell, sight, touch and sound. Explore a variety of ways to make sound with natural objects, discover different textures and smells around us and use expressive art to create an earth window.

Grow Your Own

What do plants need to survive? Learn what a seed needs to grow and put this into practice looking after your own. Then become a bee and play an exciting game to see just how important bees are, especially for our plants.

For more information, take a look at our programme guide and an example itinerary and lesson plan below.

£2.50 per hour per pupil

Our programmes run from 10.00 - 12.00. It costs £1 extra to use the facilities for lunch, staying for an extra hour.

Please see our pricing policy on the Naturedays Policies page.

Please see our Outreach page for other nursery opportunities.

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