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Alternatives to Mainstream Education 

At Naturedays we strive to keep improving and expanding our services and we are always excited to get involved in new projects. A classroom setting is not an ideal learning environment for everyone, so here on the Aigas Field Centre estate we are lucky to be able to offer a variety of outdoor education alternatives. Whether it involves practical skills such as tool use or just getting outside to learn, we are happy to be flexible to fit the groups needs and requirements. 


Below is more detail on the current projects that we are involved with. Please get in touch if you would like to find out more information about these projects or would be interested in working with us as part of a new group. 

Home Educated Groups

We work with externally organised groups of children who are home educated. Children and their parents visit Aigas Field Centre to explore the natural habitat, covering a range of themes including animal lifecycles, forests and history.

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Rural Skills Group

This is an extra course that is an option for pupils in some secondary schools in Scotland. We work with a school to help teach some of the practical skills required to complete the course. This has involved building an outdoor shelter, estate maintenance work and planting trees.

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Go to the Contact & Booking page to make an enquiry or fill out a booking form.

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