Geography Field Studies


Our geography courses are designed to

fit in with the curriculum requirements set by the SQA. We offer both physical and human topics and are very flexible and happy to cover a range of topics in one day in order to intergrate cross-curricular themes. The emphasis is on the collection of primary data and developing fieldwork skills.


We have access to woodlands, rivers and rural/urban settlements, which allows us to offer both physical and human geography courses. We offer courses both on a day visit and residential basis.


For more detail on each course, download our Geography Programme Guide.

Naturedays listened to all we wanted and arranged a session entirely to suit.


Emma Smith

Teacher, Gairloch High School

Physical Geography Programmes


We have a number of streams on site which allows us to offer a range of fluvial studies. We can look at channel characteristics by taking physical measurements and then calculating other measurements in the field.


As we have such a variety of habitats on site at Aigas, this also means we have a range of soils around the estate. We can collect biotic data along with abiotic data throughout the different habitats to see whether the flora and soil characteristics are interlinked.


From our tree top hide the effect glaciation has had on the Scottish landscape becomes clear. We can look at key glaciation features in the modern landscape, and map these features. We also look at physical evidence which helps us determine the way in which the glacier was travelling in Strathglass.


Although we don’t have a coastal habitat on site, we can meet you in the field at a beach of your choice. We discuss coastal processes and profile the beach to determine the direction of longshore drift.


The Scottish economy is heavily dependent on tourism. We can offer rural, urban and coastal tourism studies. We have a number of innovative techniques we use to profile locations around the highlands in order to assess whether tourism has had a positive or negative effect on the area.


Most of our urban studies take place in Inverness; however we can meet you at a location of your choice. We have days which focus on flooding, urban rebranding, and zonation within a modern settlement.


We have a host of villages we use to study rural geography, including Beauly, Muir of Ord, Avoch, and Rosemarkie. We use a number of techniques to profile the villages.

We also teach statistics!


Just ask for more details!

Human Geography Programmes



per student

per day


10:00 - 14:00



Activities 10:00-14:00, with a break for lunch (lunch not provided), plus equipment required for the session

We also offer residential visits, find out more!

We can personalise every course to your specific needs,

please just get in touch for further information and to book!

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